The Final Word on Fleas: Myths and Things We Hear:

My pet can’t have fleas because:

1. We don’t have any carpet.

Flea eggs will mature in the cracks between tiles and hard wood floors without a problem, they also like beds, couches and other soft materials.  90% of the flea eggs in your house will be found where your pet sleeps, so if it sleeps on your bed… well you can imagine where all those eggs are.

2. My pet doesn’t go outside.

Fleas and their larval stage will hitch a ride on shoes, clothing, and people. One pregnant flea can lead to an entire infestation.

3. My family member always gets bitten and he/she hasn’t got any bites yet.

Fleas prefer furry things to skin so will preferentially bite your pet first.  People get bit when the infestation is so large that they have spread around the house. Sometimes it is just bad luck as a flea that is hungry won’t discriminate.

4. I haven’t seen any fleas on my pet.

Most pets, escpecially cats, will groom off and swallow any fleas that they find.  It can be hard to find small fleas in all that hair and even harder in pets that have dark fur.  Just because you don’t see fleas doesn’t mean they aren’t there.

If you think your pet has fleas, or if you want to make sure that there are never any fleas in your home, please come in and we will find a parasite control solution for your pets.