“Joe” is our newest resident cat to the hospital, even though he “owns” Luke. “Joe” was brought to us in September 2015 by good samaritans who had found him crawling along the streets. He was not like any other kitten, he caught their eye because he was dragging his hind legs and did not look well. They brought him to us right away. Upon arrival and examination we determined that he was around 7 weeks old, malnourished, covered (and I mean covered) in fleas and dehydrated. One thing that caught our eye was his inability to use his hind legs. Right away we took radio-graphs of his hind limbs and noticed that his legs were not attached correctly to his hips. With “Joe” having such a loving heart and such a great guy, we decided to make him his very own chariot. Now this “chariot” was like nothing we have ever made/seen before. The brains behind it is Luke, our Veterinary Assistant, and he managed to make it out of K’Nexx. The really cool thing is K’Nexx actually reached out to Luke and donated a HUGE bin full of pieces so we can continue to add to and adjust his “chariot” as he grows.