Alicia has worked at Mission Veterinary Hospital since September 2006. She started as a volunteer in 2005 and was shortly hired after that as a Veterinary Assistant. Growing up, animals have always been an important part of her life and even mentioned to her mom at the age of 3 that she was going to work with them. Alicia shares her house with six men; five of which are 4-legged and 1 of them is a 3-legged. “Dominic” (her main man)is a black and white tuxedo cat who Alicia refers to as her “perfect angel”. “Lukas” is Dominic’s partner in crime; a brown and grey tabby cat, and the newest kitten is a grey and white DSH, “Mr Pickles”. He was a hit by a car at the age of 6 weeks old. After lots of tender love and care he is almost normal. Alicia also recently adopted “Roger” who she refers to as “Rogeraroonie”. He came to her after he was hit by car and had no family to claim him. “Chico” is Alicia’s 3-legged yellow lab who at the age of 1 learned quickly that cars are not friends. Her final boy is a bratty Beagle named “Tucker”. Tucker chose Alicia when he won her heart over as a puppy. Rehabilitation and Physiotherapy became a large focus of Alicia’s after her personal experience with a multitude of accidents and surgeries. Alicia has taken a variety of course in the Veterinary field and has some big plans to take night school for business courses and to become certified as a CCRA (Certified Canine Rehabilitation Assistant) in the new year. When not at work Alicia enjoys 4X4-ing, running and spending time outdoors camping with family and friends.