The loss of a dearly loved pet impacts us all, especially when they have been your companion for many years. It is with great sadness that we said farewell to our beloved girl BeBe. She came to live with us in 2008 when her previous family could not longer care for her. She had to adjust to her new surroundings; however, it did not take long until she began to reign over the clinic. Her Royal Highness was one tough cookie who could stand up for herself against the most aggressive of foes. BeBe was full of “torti-tude”, particularly when it came to her appetite for treats. She loved when clients would give her cookies, and she would be sure to paw at your hands if you weren’t giving them quickly enough. BeBe’s favorite place to be was her chair in reception. If you were lucky, she would let you sit with her. Queen B touched all of our hearts here at Mission Veterinary Hospital, and she will forever be missed. Rest in peace, sweet BeBe.