Found a Flea?  Here is what to do!

So you have found a flea on Fido or Fluffy.  Don’t panic and don’t feel ashamed, it happens to the best of us: but what should you do?

What to do about fleas?

Fleas can be treated with tablets or topicals, so it really depends on you and your pet.  If it is easy to give your pets tablets by mouth then Comfortis (cats and dogs) and Bravecto or Sentinel (for dogs) are great options.  If getting your pet to take pills is lots of work, then topicals, like Advantage or Revolution, are best.  The exception to this general guideline is pets that swim or get lots of baths. These pets should go with a tablet option so that you don’t wash some of the topical dose.

There are also sprays and fogs for your house if there is an overwhelming infestation.  They work well to bring down the number of fleas in the house, but it is important to treat your pet as well because even one living female flea is enough to start the problem all over again. The sprays should never be used on your pet!

It is also important to treat every pet in your house.  If you find fleas on your dog, and treat her but not your cat, all those fleas are going to pack their bags and take up residence on your cat.  Treating your pets will also kill any adult fleas living in your house as soon as they jump on your pet.

After you have treated your pets we also recommend vacuuming really well and taking the bag right outside. Fleas will survive and climb out of your vacuum cleaner. Wash your pet’s bedding in your washer on hot and freeze any toys or beds that can’t be washed in your deep freeze.

Natural Remedies

Every year we hear a new type of natural flea control and across the board they don’t work.  Trust us, we wish they did, as it would be way easier to get fleas under control.  The most persistent remedy seems to be garlic which is actually quite dangerous as garlic and onions are toxic to dogs and cats.  We have also heard everything from apple cider vinegar baths, to coconut oil and lemon, to special crystals.  For the most part they aren’t harmful, but they don’t work either so are a waste of money.

Pet Store Products

You can purchase flea control products and the pet store.  In general they are not as effective as veterinary products, which is why some of ours are prescription.  You also need to pay very close attention to the product label as some of the pet store products that are safe for dogs will kill a cat.  Every year we see at least one kitty with pet store flea control poisoning, and it is a rush to save their life.

Most flea products we sell last for 30 days, but Bravecto lasts for 90 days.  Some are prescription and some are over the counter.  We are happy to find the best flea solution for you and your pet, don’t hesitate to ask.